We Care.

We are excited to have you as our guests & we look forward to seeing you soon!

What Can You Expect From Us

Your safety and the safety of our team members has been our top priority. Upon your return, you will notice the following protocols & guidelines that have been put in place to ensure the health and safety of our guests & team members.

All employees were required to complete a COVID-test with a confirmed negative prognosis from a certified health professional in order to return to work.

Everyone will be thermal tested either via touchless thermometer or infrared technology before entering property.

Employees & guests with temperature of 100.4F, or higher, will not be allowed to report to work or admitted to the property.

Face masks will be mandatory for all employees and guests.

Complimentary Personal Protective Equipment wil be available for guests, and supplied to employees.

Hand sanitizer stations will be widely available throughout the property.

Plexiglas barriers installed where necessary to maintain social distancing.

CARE Team:

Engaged to assist guests.

What We Ask Of You

Thank you for understanding that everyone’s health and safety is our top priority.

Face masks are mandatory. You may be asked to briefly lower your mask for I.D. verification. Masks may not cover your entire face.

A Government issued ID will be required to enter.

All guests must be 21+.

Give fellow guests their space, at least 6 feet apart.

If you leave the building, you may be subject to re-screening and additional wait times.

Smoking is prohibited on the gaming floor. A separate smoking area will be provided.

Please report unsafe practices, illness or other concerns to security or a CARE team member.